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Waters of LA (LA Creek Freak data + cartoDB test)

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital & Public Health History

Exploring NYC’s history on Roosevelt Island – and the history of urban public health efforts.

As far as I’ve been able to tell in my own research, New York City’s decision to build its mid-19th-century Smallpox Hospital was actually the first time in the U.S. that a major city … Continue reading

Arthur Kill Bridge 2005








Note – This image is linked to a Zenfolio album for print sales through their online shopping cart and fulfillment service. This is a test I’m trying out as of December 2014. It is different from most images on this site that are … Continue reading

Story of My Life

From Ghostbusters 2
(one of the greatest movies to feature mythical scenes of the NYC underground ever)

Song for underground rivers – Bradford Beck by Eddie Lawler

“Bradford Beck” by Eddie Lawler

Why should turtles have all the fun?

Helsinki Blasted Out an Underground Lake To Water-Cool Its Buildings

Helsinki Blasted Out an Underground Lake To Water-Cool Its Buildings
Gizmodo, by Alissa Walker, 9/08/14 1:34pm

Steve and Dan Barry – NYTimes – 2006

Steve shows Dan Barry of the New York Times a section of the Old Croton Aqueduct


From New York Times article:
“Wriggling Through Cracks in the Urban Facade”
March 29, 2006, Metro Section (front page)
Text by Dan Barry, photos by Marilynn K. … Continue reading

Exploring tunnels, sewers, and urban history

As an urban historian & photographer, I try to peel back the layers of a city to see what's underneath. From the tops of bridges to the depths of sewer tunnels, these explorations of the urban environment help me puzzle together the interconnected, multi-dimensional history and complexity of the great metropolises of the world.