LIFE Magazine Nov 7 1949 on "Underground New York"

Great mid-century article on Underground New York in LIFE magazine of Nov 7, 1949! (pages 80-90.) Thanks very much to Alexis Jones for mentioning this to me. The end of the article-- see final picture caption-- says of "Manhattan subwayfarers" that "they are the foremost troglodytes." Awesome!

Cristina Iglesias - Lost Rivers public art

I'm a fan of Cristina Iglesias since hearing about her 2017 installation in London referencing the lost Walbrook stream. (It's called the "Walbrook" or "Wallbrook" because back when London was much smaller and had walls around it, this stream was the only waterway that crossed under the city walls on its way to the Thames; nowadays it is contained within the London Bridge Sewer.)

Here is the part of her site on her "rivers and public space" projects: